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As a Road Tour Manager with the Extreme Tour, it is very important that the audience is constantly engaged. Donnie Stopa does exactly that. Donnie’s ability to read the crowd and deliver what is needed for that moment is what makes him the M. C. for any event. Donnie is a Master of Ceremonies. What adds even more to the package is Donnie’s off stage persona. His genuine love for people shines through all he does and is.

Jim ShepardTour Manager / The Extreme Tour

“If you like Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon, you’ll love Donnie Stopa.”


Rektok RossReporter / The Examiner

Our church, Christ Community Church of San Marcos, asked Donnie The Entertainer to bless our volunteers with his comedy routine during our annual Volunteer Appreciation Night. Donnie was a perfect choice for this event because of his willingness to serve and dedication to entertaining the Kingdom of God. Our volunteers definitely felt appreciated as they cut loose and laughed during Donnie’s performance. A major benefit for our church as an organization was Donnie’s professionalism during the planning process. He was more proactive concerning the event details than I was! It is a comfort as an administrator not to have to chase down loose ends because Donnie was there helping the entire time. I highly recommend anyone seek the talents of Donnie The Entertainer. You will not be disappointed.

Philip McWhorterAdministrative Director / Christ Community Church of San Marcos
Donnie’s ability to engage a crowd and entertain them is unparalleled. As a performer and production professional I have seen many acts ranging from beginner to huge names in the entertainment industry and very few share Donnie’s ability to interact with the audience. Donnie uses a unique blend of humor and genuine likability to mesmerize audiences and I believe other performers could benefit a lot from learning what comes so naturally to him.
Jon Blue